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Sustainable Teas

Rose & Dragon endeavours to be as eco-friendly as possible, embracing a policy of transparency and honesty.

- The 25g tea packaging imitates plastic but is actually made from a plant-based, compostable cellulose

- All stickers used in packaging are compostable and printed using acid-free, soy-based inks   

- Use of biodegradable outer packaging made from recycled materials   

- Rose & Dragon tissue paper is biodegradable and printed with acid-free inks   

- The company is a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, planting trees in areas of need to offset cardboard use   

- Rose & Dragon tote bags are sustainably and ethically made using organic cotton, screen printed in the U.K   

- All teas are completely plant-based with no ingredients that derive from animal products   

- No artificial flavourings have been used in any of the Rose & Dragon teas


- The 100g packs are sold in Kraft paper pouches, which currently offer the best properties in both sustainability and usability. Kraft pouches require less materials and less energy in their production and leave less waste in the manufacturing process.

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