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Rose & Dragon endeavors to be as eco-friendly as possible, embracing a policy of transparency and honesty.

We are a completely plastic free company where all of the packaging is either compostable or biodegradable.   

  • Gabrielle, Founder

    Making the product as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible was one of the most important things to me when I started this company.

Below are some actions we have taken to be a sustainable and eco-friendly tea retailer:   

- The packaging that we use for our teas is made from a compostable cellulose based material   

- Stickers used for the labeling and packaging are compostable and printed using acid-free, soy-based inks   

- We use biodegradable outer packaging made from recycled materials   

- The Rose & Dragon tissue paper is biodegradable and printed with acid-free inks   

- Rose & Dragon is a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, planting trees in areas of need to offset paper and cardboard use   

- Rose & Dragon tote bags have been sustainably and ethically made, screen printed in the U.K   

- All Rose & Dragon teas are completely plant based and have not used any ingredients that derive from animal products   

- No artificial flavourings have been used in any of the products sold by Rose & Dragon

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