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Our Story

Founder Gabrielle has always been a huge lover of tea... 


During her 20’s, she had the opportunity to live and work in Asia with the chance to experience how tea is enjoyed in other countries.







She drank Tibetan tea in the Himalayas with a mountain steward and a Buddhist monk. Tibetan tea is made with salt and yak butter, a warm sign of friendship under the freezing glaciers.








In Japan she got to experience the calming tea ceremony and noticed how matcha green tea was such a huge part of the culture that it was served everywhere- even in bamboo forests.











After doing research back home to the UK, Gabrielle found studies that showed how mindfulness is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and make people feel happier, and that pairing mindfulness within everyday activity (such as drinking a cup of tea) doubles your chance of remaining consistent with your mindfulness habit!


She realised she wanted to start a tea company with a difference, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Rose & Dragon was formed.


The aim was to pair tea with mindfulness in a simple and easily accessible way.


That’s why all Rose & Dragon teas come with a mindfulness card that can be applied to everyday life, and every box has a simple follow at home teatation!


All the mindfulness information has been curated by working together with an NHS psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, ensuring that all the information is simple, and great for beginners too!

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